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The EUROFLO range of pumps is fully complies with the international standard DIN 24255, in which this standard covers both performance and dimensions.

EU Series - Bare Shaft Pump

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This pump includes the back pullout design, & when a suitable spacer coupling is fitted to a direct-coupled unit, the casing and motor can remain in position while all other pump parts can be removed for simple and quick maintenance.
Design: Horizontal, single-stage volute casing pumps with dimensions and nominal ratings to DIN 24255
Type: End suction, centrifugal back pull-out.
Flange: DIN 2332 PN 10 RF (available in ANSI 150 RF upon request)
Direction of Rotation: Clockwise as view from the drive side
Material: Casing 每cast iron standard; optional bronze & stainless steel
Impeller 每Bronze standard; optional cast iron & stainless steel
Shaft 每Stainless steel SUS 420
Shaft Seal 每Mechanical seal standard; optional gland packing
Operating Range
Flowrate (Q): 2 每1100m3/hr
Total head (H): 2 每150m
Speed (Ns): 1450 每2900 rpm (50Hz); 1750 每3500 rpm (60Hz)
Temperature: -10∼C to 105∼C standard; optional 150∼C
Pressure: 10 Bar standard; 16 Bar available upon request.


EUM Series - Close coupled monobloc Pump

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This EUM Series is close-coupled versions of the widely recognized EUROFLO EU range which is designed and manufactured to the International Standard DIN 24255.

Flowrate (Q): 2 - 290m3/hr
Total Head (H): 5 - 130 metres
Seal: Mechanical
Casing Pressure: 10 bar standard
Construction: Cast Iron casing, bronze impeller; standard
Temperature: 105∼C standard; 110∼C optional

EILM Series - Vertical In-Line Pump

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Features and Benefits
  • Monobloc construction eliminates shaft alignment problems
  • High quality mechanical seal provides better sealing properties & a longer pump life
  • Utilities an impeller specifically designed to help the pump reduce power consumption as compared to similar pumps
  • Provides higher head & greater flow while using less load current
Power Range:
0.5 每10 HP (0.37-7.5 KW)
Pipe Size:
32 mm 每100 mm
Up to 27 metres
Up to 108m3/hr
Anti-clockwise as seen from motor*s side
Seal: Mechanical
Cast Iron volute with bronze impeller
Operating Temperature:
65∼C standard; 110∼C optional
Ambient Temperature:
40∼C Humidity 90%
TEFC 50Hz, 415V Class B; Optional 60Hz 2poles IP44


ESC Series - Horizontal Axially Split Casing Pump

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Port Size: 11/2§ 每 8§ Power 1.1- 22 Kw
Design Features
  • EUROFLO range of horizontal Axially Split Case pumps (ESC) have been designed to cover a wide duty range utilizing just 3 modules to give a complete range of 22 models
  • Having just 3 modules allows a high degree of interchangeability of components and allows greater flexibility of construction options available. In each of the modules, 2 basic assemblies are available; The S10 or S30 assembly with a mechanical seal fitted stuffing box or alternatively the P10 or P30 version with a soft packed stuffing box and an out rigger housing for easy access to the gland packing
  • The axially split casing allows easy access for maintenance. By removal of the top half of the casing the rotating element can be removed for service without disturbing the pipe work or the pump alignment
Discharge Size:
Up to 250 mm
Suction Size:
Up to 300 mm
Up to 110 metres
Up to 1100m3/hr
Operating Temperature:
-10∼C to 90∼C standard
Operating Pressure:
16 bar 每standard working
24 bar 每standard hydrostatic
5 bar to 14 bar 每standard suction
Operating Speed:
1750 rpm to 3500 rpm


EJT Series - Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

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Port Size: 11/2§ 每 8§ Power 1.1- 22 Kw
EJT pumps are used when one or more of the following are required: self-priming, solids handling, resistance to abrasion. EJ pumps can handle liquids up to a viscosity of about 50 mm2/s (cSt).
Transfer of neutral, acid or alkali clean or dirty liquids, liquids containing sand, mud or solids in suspension, low viscosity petroleum products, clean or dirty solvents, milk of lime, caustic soda, washing, cooling, circulation, smoke scrubbing, emergency duty. Civil engineering: sewage pumping, fire fighting.
Loading and unloading, bilge pumping, fire fighting, stripping, sanitary duty, circulation.
Waste Treatment:
Pumping polluted, hot or corrosive wastewater containing sand, mud or solids in suspension, dosing neutralizing liquids, pumping out settled sludge.


EST Series - Pumps for Sewage and Industrial Waste Water

CIA EST series pumps

The main components of the ※EST§ Series Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump are : Pump Body, Back Casing, Impeller, Wear Plate, Shaft, Bearing Carrier Group & Stuffing Box.

The Impeller design is of ※semi-open§ type with back vane which helps balance the &Axial Thrust* coming from the front.

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